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This full design service includes all of the activities on the Outline Design service with additional, more detailed documentation produced to allow all aspects of the design to be taken forward by the client’s chosen garden contractor (builder or landscaping contractor).

This service is best for:

  • Larger or more complex designs where the build cost is likely to be higher and therefore more detailed specifications are required to ensure that the design is implemented accurately and to budget.

  • Projects where the client does not wish to get involved in the selection of plants, landscaping contractors or landscaping materials.


David Laity

Activities Undertaken

As per Outline Design, with the addition of:

  • Production of a detailed Hard Landscaping Plan showing exact positions and patterns for all landscaping materials (slabs, setts, wood structures, walls, gabions, steelwork etc). 

  • Specifications for hard landscaping materials (suitable for inclusion in tender documentation). 

  • Planting plan (showing exact positions of proposed plants) – drawn to scale

  • Plant schedule listing the quantities of all plants required suitable for issuing to nurseries to obtain quotes for plants.

  • Other optional tasks may also be undertaken following discussion with the client depending on the requirements of the particular project. 

Lead Designer and Owner,
South Hams Garden Design


As per Outline Design, with the addition of:

•    Hard Landscaping Plan 
•    Hard Landscaping Specifications
•    Planting Plan
•    Plant Schedule.


Optional (*)
•    Tender documentation *
•    Setting Out Plan *
•    Lighting Plan *
•    Construction specifications *
•    Furniture, lighting and accessories plan & presentation board*



Dependent on the extent of the design work and deliverables required. The full detailed design cost is typically around 15%-18% of the overall build cost of the garden.


A fixed price, written quotation detailing the full deliverables to be produced will be provided for agreement prior to any work commencing.

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