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This popular service allows clients to quickly gain ideas and advice from a qualified garden designer for a low fixed cost.


We will visit your garden, discuss your requirements and provide advice and guidance in a focussed, 2 hour period.


Clients generally find this session invaluable through the ideas generated and inspiration provided. We also provide recommendations on local, value-for-money landscaping suppliers, nurseries, landscaping & plant hire contractors - often the savings from this more than pays for the cost of the service.


David Laity
Lead Designer and Owner,
South Hams Garden Design

Activities Undertaken

  • Brief walk-round survey of site noting key features, views to be enhanced, identify screening requirements, access issues etc

  • Discuss client requirements in terms of style, proposed features, colours, likes/dislikes, objectives for the garden

  • Provide suggestions for possible designs and suitable plants

  • Sketch out some initial ideas on tracing paper (not to scale)

  • Provide useful information on landscaping suppliers, nurseries, landscaping & plant hire contractors etc 

  • Answer client’s design questions.


  • Email summary of the main points discussed

  • Follow-up Guide - Design Tips and Useful Supplier Information

  • NB: Due to the amount of ideas discussed, it is helpful if the client take notes of suggestions made.



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